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Too Poor for Nature



Too much TV is making our children unhappy

Natural Explorers is my response to encourage outdoor play and healthy behaviour.

Chalk and beetle juice…

Drawing and sculpting with Natural Materials

That piece of chalk, What could I do with it?  What sort of marks does it make?  What happens if I…. ? All questions we asked of the chalk.  But for me an equally important one is, where did it come from?  Who found it and whereabouts?  Is there more?  Not just a material for drawing with but part of our landscape, our heritage. 

I shared with the children that some of the chalk I had found on a beach in Kent, other pieces came from a shop, so that now as the children enjoy Drawing and sculpting with Natural Materials they also consider how the material connects with the landscape.Image

Where do colours come from?  Red from berries, stems, leaves, insects… beatle juice was a great hit, a real source of fascination for some of the older children.   


Natural Explorers


Blast off, Natural Explorers is launched!

Five, four, three two one, Blast off.  We have take off.  Natural Explorers has launched.  Parents/carers and children investigating together!  Using all our senses we delve into the adventure with curiousity, some jumping in (quite literally when the paddling pool was out), others putting nature under the magnifying glass, beautiful insects, logs, and yet others balancing, stirring, watching.  How will this journey continue…..

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Gardening on a small scale…

Snippets of summer….

A sunny afternoon.  Looking up at blue skies, the soporific sound of waves rolling up and down the beach until…. Panic.  Move shoes, grab blanket and run up the beach to escape the tide.

Phew, we made it.

A  balmy evening…. Sitting in the garden listening to the birds sing their goodnight songs. Then silence, the world darkens, but the white dianthus start to glows in the border and out of nowhere a shape zooms overhead.  A bat on a nighttime foray, zoom, here he comes again, the expert flycatcher.