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More Juice please

October 11, 2013

“Some more juice please”

Drink some Rosehip cordial.  (If you are really keen you could make your own!).  We did it was delicious.

Autumn berries are out in abundance. Hawthorns, Sorbus, Snowberries, Cotoneaster, Elderberry and Rosehips to name just a few!

Have you tasted rosehip cordial?  At Natural Explorers this week we did and found it is delicious.  Comments included “More please, “Please could I have some more?” “It tastes like apple juice” (an interesting comment as apples and roses are in the same family), “umm” (with lip smacking noises).

Another drink, (easy to make) was lemon barley water.  These drinks connect us back to the land in subtle but distinct ways… the seasonality of their harvest ensures nutrients are captured at their peak.  And if we are lucky enough to travel or live in an area where barley or rosehips grow then the visual image brings to the fore pictorial and other sensory memories.

Picture of rosehips


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