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I’ll grind your bones to make my bread….

September 27, 2013

Did you know that Barley has significant health benefits?

It is a whole grain full of fibre, protein and niacin.  And an excellent source of selenium an antioxidant.  Barley grains are a unit of measure 3 barleycorns to the inch is on statute and this is still used as the unit of shoe sizes in England.  This week we used some barley to make lemon barley water – very easy and very delicious everyone had two glasses but there were a couple of sucked in cheeks afterwards!  (the strained barley was then made into a leek barletto –yum!).

Picture of lemon barletto – the lemon barley water was drunk too quickly to capture on film!


More barley was used in our measuring station where we had a fantastic time weighing on scales, pouring, scooping and sweeping up afterwards.

Picture of measuring station


We were able to find some unground wheat, at first we tried to grind it in our pestle and mortar but eventually resorted to the coffee grinder…… result – our own FLOUR.

Picture of grains of wheat waiting to be ground                                                        


Picture of our FLOUR     Image

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