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September 12, 2013

Good morning.

What are you having for breakfast?

My guess is that it is some kind of cereal.  Cornflakes, rice crispies, puffed rice, porridge.  September is a month when many of those cereals are harvested in the fields.  In the Cotswolds at the moment it is hard to walk or drive any where without sighting a combine harvester in a field or tractor and trailer loaded with bales.  Fields are changing from waving crops to bare stubble.  What we don’t see any more are the sheets of smoke from stubble burning, a destructive yet regenerative process.

Picture – arable field


Here at Natural Explorers, we are finding out about those unprocessed cereals using all our senses.  Discovering the properties of maize was great fun.  Ripping off the husks, finding all the golden kernels laid out in rows, nibbling them, gently teasing them off the stalk.   We poured, drove our tractor through, tried to walk on, Daniel found it very tricky to stay upright, “wobbly” and filled a trailer and the barn with dried corn kernels.

Picture – playing with corn


 What happens when the corn is squashed and ground… first it made grainy polenta then fine flour and finally fine art!

Picture – polenta and cornflour art


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